OH MY GOSH – I have actually written three books and the 4th book is in the works!

My name is Margaret Rose Erickson and I was born Margaret Rose Stewart in a small coal mining town in River Hebert, Nova Scotia, Canada.

One of my earliest memories is Christmas morning – opening gifts but saving the small, square, box-like one to the very end – because I knew it would be a book.   My mother always gave me a leather-bound book for Christmas and to this day I can remember holding the book close and smelling the leather.   Then off I would go to my bedroom, leaving other gifts behind, to read my book. Many of the books I read were about animals and, as you may have guessed, cats in particular.   Over the years I have had many kitties and hold each one in my heart and in my memory.

My husband, Bruce and I live in Ponoka, Alberta , enjoying retired life.

The book, Simon the Cat – The Adventures of a Very Special Kitty – contains two stories “The Rescue” and “Simon Finds a New Home” .  A bit of a sad story – then a  delightfully happy story.

We did adopt him from the Humane Society in the U.S., never thinking at the time he would have to travel by truck back to our then home in Prince Edward Island – some 3,500 miles.   As luck would have it, Simon loved to travel, and now has in excess of 80,000 miles to his credit.   He has had many, many adventures!   His second book, Simon the Cat – “The Adventures Continue” has three stories – Simon Gets Lost – Simon Travels and Simon Meets the Children.    Heartwarming stories. Both these books are based on true events that have happened in the life of Simon the Cat!    His third book, Simon the Cat with “The Yowlers and the Howlers” is pure fantasy and was such fun to write;  but again has a very heartwarming story to tell.

I have a deep respect for all Humane Societies and like organizations and, therefore, at least 50% of any profit derived from the sale of Simon’s books will be given to The Humane Society and/or the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

I have two children, Steven and Lisa. Steve is a Professor at the University of Southern Indiana – married to our beautiful daughter-in-law, Ronda, who is also a Professor at the same University.   Lisa lives in New York City with her handsome husband, John.   Lisa works for the New York Botanical Gardens and her husband is now retired.

My husband Bruce has two children, a daughter, Joey, and son, Cody. Joey and her husband Kevin live in Rimbey, Alberta and have four wonderful sons, Justin, Matthew (married to Jarolyn), Michael and Patrick.   Cody and his wife, Nadele, live in Stony Plain, Alberta and have given us three more wonderful grandchildren –   Levi, Hailey and Riley.

On a personal note,  – in addition to reading and writing about Simon’s adventures, I love to golf, play bridge and swim – in about that order.


                                                           Margaret Rose Erickson