I loved writing the first book – it was a new experience and brought me such joy.   The outpouring of support and love from family and friends I will never forget.  Simon the Cat is a delight – he brings us laughter every single day and loves unconditionally – as we do him.

Simon’s second book was based on his travels – and travel he has – from Arizona to Alberta to Prince Edward Island with many stops along the way.   He loves to travel – but as soon as it starts to get a bit dark – he knows we will be at a motel and he is a very happy kitty.   From all the many trips he is almost on a first name basis with the motel clerks.   He inspects each room – jumps on the bed after a hearty meal – and watches t.v. until he falls asleep.   Quite the kitty.

Simon’s third book – oh my – what a delight.   I have to say it is my personal favorite.   His prior books were based on absolute true events and tried to teach a little moral lesson in each episode.  This book is pure fantasy and the kitties and dogs had so much fun in their band – The Yowlers and the Howlers – while being responsible for many kitties/dogs receiving food and finding forever homes.     The homecoming of the band was spectacular.   I LOVE THIS BOOK!!

Now – sort of a final chapter is being written for Simon the Cat.   On February 28, 2020 he jumped over the Rainbow Bridge and is in Animal Heaven.   We miss our Simon more than mere words could ever express.   He was the light of our lives and we were so lonely   HOWEVER – our Simon knew this and you will find out all the details in his new book – SIMON EARNS HIS WINGS – BOGEY ARRIVES – The Story of Two Special Kitties.

As I write this Blog I am overcome with the joy Simon the Cat brought to our lives and now continues to do so by finding us a little stray cat – which we named Bogey.   The book is designed to help children – of all ages,  4 to 80 – deal with the loss of a pet.   I expect the book to be finished by the summer or early Fall of 2021 and I hope you will buy a copy – I think you will really enjoy it – I certainly am  enjoying writing it – and this time I have the help of my daughter, Lisa, making it even more special.   WATCH for the book and in the meantime I hope you will buy and read the first three books.

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