Simon says –

I was a very scared little kitty when I got lost – I will never wander away from home again!   Mom and Dad were so right – I should never, ever leave the yard on my own!

I didn’t mean to lock Mom and Dad out of the truck – I just accidentally stepped on the lock.   Mom said it was a very good lesson for her and Dad to learn – never, ever leave me unattended in a vehicle and never, ever leave keys in a vehicle.     I guess Mom and Dad’s can learn lessons just like little kitties.

I had a wonderful time seeing the Grand Canyon and the Ocean and all the places we stopped along the way.

I love playing my guitar – and I love being part of the Yowlers – the Howlers are pretty good too but we kitties sure can YOWL.    I hope you love my book The Yowlers and the Howlers – I had such fun – and Mom said it was her very favorite book to write.  

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